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Natural extracts and additives

Kelp extract- Soap making supplies

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Kelp extract- Soap making supplies - Lux Natures Soaps & Skincare
Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates.
Seaweed kelp is known for exceptional hair and skin benefits.
Certain nutrients in kelp, such as iron and the essential amino acid l-lycine, directly affect hair growth. Deficiencies in iron and l-lysine can impact hair loss in otherwise healthy individuals.
The best quality sources of Kelp are found in clean, pristine, and protected oceans such as Hawaii, Canada, and the North West United States locations. Organic.
Can be used in soaping, hair conditioners, hair oils as an additive or straight on the hair or skin.
Solubility: oil soluble
Origin: Atlantic Ocean
Oil extract has a natural fishy smell, like an ocean water and green color.

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