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Aloe Cucumber summer lotion base with Zinc Oxide

Regular price $14.94
Aloe Cucumber summer lotion base with Zinc Oxide - Lux Natures Soaps & Skincare
Summer season demands proper skin care.
Aloe Cucumber lotion base made with aloe vera juice, cucumber juice, coconut oil, shea butter, raspberry seed oil, carrot seed extract, zinc oxide (non nano), preservative (Germall Plus)
Lotion can be used before and after tanning, it doesn't consider to be a sunblock, please use appropriate skin protection during sunbathing.
Lotion can be used as additional help and cooling, moisturizing agent after sunbathing.
We offer lotion base in a variety of sizes at bulk/wholesale prices for soap makers, just add desired fragrance or essential oil, bottle and sell with 100% profit at least. Market price of lotion suggested $12/8 oz.
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