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Magnesium Lotion scented or unscented

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Magnesium Lotion scented or unscented - Lux Natures Soaps & Skincare
Many people are deficient in this vital mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, and it is vital for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction.
Lux Natures doesn't make any medical claims and strongly suggesting to do your own research.
As my personal experience using magnesium body lotion: I fall asleep much faster and easier at night and have a better night sleep. During migraines, I apply lotion on forehead and back of my neck for relief. As a normal daily routine, I use mag lotion every day after the shower. Please, be aware some people feel tingling on their skin after applying lotion, but it goes away within couple minutes.
Magnesium lotion made with magnesium milk, emu oil, avocado oil, shea butter, mango butter, emulsifying wax, preservative and essential oil.
Plastic bottle with pump contains 8 oz of magnesium lotion.