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Milk Thistle seed oil virgin organic

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Milk Thistle seed oil virgin organic
Milk Thistle seed oil is known for Milk thistle works by flushing out the toxins in the body, which can otherwise cause issues like liver cirrhosis, kidney stones, diabetes, ill effects of chemotherapy, but Milk Thistle seed oil also has great skin benefits!
Oil nutrients in milk thistle, like vitamin E, fight free radicals and can delay the signs of aging. 
The active constituents in milk thistle seed indicate its benefits to the skin. These include:
Silymarin, which is actually a group of three flavonoids
Vitamin E
Fatty acids, including linoleic acid
Silymarin offers antioxidant benefits, which help protect skin from environmental stressors. Vitamin E offers similar protective benefits, and fatty acids help shore up the skin's natural moisture barrier.
In addition to these effects, milk thistle also soothes and moisturizes. People with sensitive skin could benefit from milk thistle formulations.

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